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March 14th Wedding of Lauren and Matthew at Thicket Priory

March 14th was a very special day in so many ways! It was the wedding day of Lauren and Matthew, a truly lovely couple I had been working with for many months to craft their special ceremony. It was also sadly the last wedding I will be officiating, due to the Covid 19 virus for quite some time (hoepfully not too long)!

The wedding took place in the private chapel over at Thicket Priory, and was full of emotion, tears, laughter and life long memories for all involved.

I honestly feel incredibly blessed to be officiating and able to see the love that all couples share. Its very moving standing infront of two people that are making special promises and life long committments to each other, and to know that Ive been a part of that is truly a gift.

Being in lock down has for me amplified the sense of love and how special it really is when you commit to your special person, and to choose, honour and celebrate that is absolutely amazing! Life is an incredibly special gift and Im so looking forward to creating many more celebrations of love in the very near future.

Stay safe eveyone - look after each other.

With Love



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