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Handfasting for these beautiful soul mates

Ok so where to start with Handfasting, because it will be different every time, and it means different things to different couples. For some couples its a modern day element and rather fun ingredient to include, which enhances their ceremony. The way in which I carry out this type of handfasting is in synergy with that. Its a fantastic way to celebrate your love and the cord is a reminder of your special day.

For other couples its done a very different way, because its at a different level, and that's really what I'd like to touch on as I've worked with a few couples now on this level. There is a knowing that is very old...and when you have it, and are aware of it, you see and recognise it immediately in others. When couples have that unspoken connection and you are binding their lives together in a ceremony, its deeply is a connection that doesn't know time, and its very magical and sacred. Working with couples who share this connection and being part of their special day is an incredible privilege, and to bind them together in the way I do is something I take very seriously. Its not something I advertise, really talk about much but Im putting it out there now as couples that have this awareness and connection are finding me, and I totally love it! Soul mate connection..Chelsea and Sam, Lorna and Kaine... raising a glass to you X

Whatever type of couple you are...we celebrate your love...and the connection you have in a way thats special to you. Alternative wise... YES... I can and do work at that level...

Love really is amazing isnt it! #blessings #soulmates #handfasting #alternative


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