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Handfasting is a beautiful ingredient to add to your ceremony, and indeed it can be the focus of the ceremony, depending on your life choices and beliefs.

As a celebrant, I offer 2 types of Handfasting:

1. Elemental Handfasting.
There is something very magical, old, beautiful and intense about an Elemental Handfasting, and its something I take incredibly seriously as I do embrace and work with the old ways and energies.  When your lives are bound together in this way, you are setting an intent, and working with a celebrant such as myself the purity of the old ways will be honoured, brought into the present and taken  into the future. Witnessed by the elements, and sealed with love.

Elemental Handfasting embraces the elements of earth, fire, water, air and includes a blessing.

This ritual is not for everyone and once the knot is tied, your lives will be bound together as soul mates in this lifetime.

2. Symbolic Handfasting
A Symbolic Handfasting is for a couple that likes the idea of a Handfasting but wants it done in a modern way.  Its kept light, and embraces all religions without going into the traditional side.  It can involve family members, and is an interesting element to add to your ceremony. Sealed with love..

All Handfasting ceremonies are as unique as you are
Always with love

Eve Le-Fay

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