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Intimate Ceremony During The Pandemic

Chelsea & Sam chose an Intimate Wedding and heres how it worked.

An intimate micro wedding as they are called is not for everyone, after all weddings are usually quite a grand gathering of many people, but ... and there is a big but here, there is something very special and incredibly personal about a micro wedding!

I had the pleasure of working with Chelsea and Sam and officiating last Saturday in one such wedding and let me tell you.. it was absolutely amazing! They decided for a number of reasons that they wanted an intimate ceremony with themselves and their two children, so there was 5 of us in total from two different households. They chose The Victoria Hotel in Robin Hoods Bay, which has beautiful sea views and stunning gardens as well as an outside ceremony area.

So how does it feel with only 2 adults? from my side its very similar in the way that when I'm delivering a ceremony, the whole world seems to disappear around the 3 of us and whats being said and felt in that space at that time. Its certainly no less special than when there is a large gathering, and when you make a choice of having a micro wedding ceremony for yourselves, its a ceremony that really is just about the two of you and a celebration of the love and committment you share.

Its a very deliberate choice of wanting to celebrate love between the both of you, and I can say with hand on heart about this couple, the love they share radiated out and was a joy to see. They chose some very different ingredients to include in their ceremony, which I wont go into but it did involve moon water!

At the end of the day, you choose what is right for you and with the restrictions of 2020 leading into next year, couples are looking at an intimate wedding as an option to celebrate their love in a very personal and quite way. From the couples side they told it was perfect, and exactly what they wanted. If you would like to know more about micro weddings, what they involve and what venues are able to accommodate these, please get in touch.

Finally a huge thank you to Chelsea and Sam for letting me be part of their special day, and for proving that intimate weddings are totally amazing, in a beautiful and very unique way. Wishing them the very best for a happy future together and roll on next year when we can get together again and have that hug that was missing x


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