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Celebrants - We are all very different so choose wisely!

Celebrant Wedding Ceremony Yorkshire
Caught on camera giving a hug to the bride.

I thought I would write a short blog about choosing the celebrant thats right for you, and why is so important, because it really is!

You are all unique as individuals and as couples, so are celebrants. It's hugely important to choose the celebrant that is right for you as a couple as they will be a key factor in one of the most important days of your life. There are many different types of celebrants, rainbow ones, alternative ones, trans, traditional, gothic, and singing ones to name but a few. We each have our own style and way of working, yet our objective is the same, to design and deliver a very special service for you that creates precious life time memories.

Of course there are practical factors involved such as budget, location, availability, current restrictions etc, but I strongly advise you to consider the connection with your celebrant as a key factor when you start to plan your special day.

So where do I fit into the celebrant sector and what sort of celebrant am I?

I became a celebrant because I am a person of love, and I live my life in this way. I wanted to give the gift of love and share that with couples in a professional yet personal way. I have a very natural ability to reach in and project out this amazing thing called love that all couples share, in their own unique way. Being part of a couples wedding / ceremony / blessing / really is the most incredible 2 way gift, and its a responsibility I take very seriously. The ceremonies I craft do tend to be on the traditional side, with vows, promises, readings, exchanging of rings, telling the story of the couple. They are incredibly personal, often emotional and totally bespoke. Saying that, I can and do bring in some more spiritual and alternative elements if the couple are more on the alternative side, although its not something I promote or advertise.

Im often found at stately homes, large houses, beautiful hotels and venues and do love the grandeur and history that some of them are steeped in. Equally, if a couple wanted to have a ceremony in a woodland or by the ocean, we can do that too! the love is the same and the most important thing is that its your special day - its focused around you and whats important to you.

My advice to all couples would be to talk to a few different celebrants, and see who you connect with, because its a very personal journey you share. When I talk to a potential couple I will always re direct them if I feel we are not a good fit, because at the end of the day its not about me...

Always with love.. Eve X


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