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Current Situation - Keep Your Sparkle

Hi everyone - and firstly a huge Thank You to all the couples that are still visiting my website, fb, instagram and messaging me, as well as the venues I work with that are in touch. Honestly it means so much and although this year has been surreal on a global scale, with the pandemic affecting every area of life, we are all navigating this in the best way we can. Couples have had a HUGE disruption with weddings being mainly cancelled and some postponed, which I appreciate has caused so much dissappointment to couples and their families. Weddings are about LOVE and celebration, and with the current guidelines stating a rule of 6 (which celebrants come under as we are classed as a small gathering) it presents obvious restrictions. We are not currently allowed to officiate unless its in groups of 6 and under from only 2 different households. This is unlikely to change until next year but there are a few possibilities I wanted to mention as options if you are really focused on having a ceremony during these challenging times.

Beach, moorlands and woodlands are amazing spaces and places, we have lots of them here in the North East of England, and with this in mind, a stripped back ceremony / blessing of your union can be done in a beautiful and magical way. Its not for everyone, but it can be a very emotional and powerful experience, perfect for a handfasting and for those couples who love the rawness of nature. As always - I'm here to discuss and help in any way I can.

Finally, a shout out to everyone in my industry, to other celebrants, all the venunes I work with, to the amazing suppliers that have adapted and are continuing to naviate through, to the suit and dress shops, to the magicians that create the magic, the cake makers, florists, planners, caterers, crafters, singers, artists, bands, marquee companies, to all those amazing people who all make up our fantastic industry that celebrates LOVE...... keep going! - this challenge wont last forever.... None of us will come out of this the same becuase we aren't the same. We will be stronger and all have stories to tell of the year 2020 ... the year life changed for us all in a way no one expected.

Never lose your sparkle and take care of each other.... Eve X


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