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Raising a glass to LOVE!

For so many couples right now along with the whole of the wedding and hospitality industry, its tough, its been tough for a while and the lifting of restrictions are unknown regarding our industry. I've spoken to many couples over the last 12 months, and listened to some heart breaking stories, of plans and dreams being cancelled, rescheduled and cancelled again due to this awful pandemic. Yet in the middle of all this turbulence, there is a thing, a very special thing that remains strong, and that very special thing is LOVE. Love has not only remained for couples, in this challenging time, but its been defined, re-focused, and become more valued.

Love cannot be denied and is absolutely worth celebrating at every opportunity! and in my humble opinion its just the best thing ever! Couples will now have another story to tell, the story of how they worked through a pandemic, the experiences they shared, the sorrows, the joys, and the gift they have in each other, which is the most precious gift of all.

This has been such an extrodinary year for us all, and although your wedding may not be happening at the moment, it will! we will get through this, and the sound of wedding cheers will be heard again in the not too distant future. For now though...I raise my glass to you all, and say hang on to your dreams, keep the love, and keep each other safe.

With love

Eve x

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