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Shamanic Blessings

We are over the moon to have Shamanic Practitioner Elaine McKeown working with us delivering her powerful Shamanic Drumming and Blessings as part of our ceremonies. If you would like to have your guests sage eachother, be saged as a couple, experience Shamnic Breath, along with a blessing, walk in accompanied by the Drum Eagle Beat, or enjoy the sacred Aho Prayer read out by Elaine, then get in touch. Elaine can also make your very own rattles and drums for you to keep after your ceremony. Drums are made out of ethically sourced stag skin and the animal is connected with and blessed prior to the skin being used. This is a very powerful element to add to your ceremony and can be designed around you. You will also receive a blessed piece of Palo Santo and Sage to keep your union free of negativity. These can also be considered as wedding favours.

This element is suitable for Weddings, Handfastings, vow Renewals, Family Bonding, Cleansing, Pet and Naming Ceremonies. Having experienced Shamanic Drumming and sat in a circle I can definitely recommend this as an addition to any ceremony... its an amazing memory to make and experience to be part of!

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