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Small Is Beautiful!

Micro Wedding, Intimate Ceremony, Small Definitely is Beautiful!

Today I wanted to write a little blog about small ceremonies, and put some fears to rest that they are somehow not as magical or every bit as special as larger gatherings, because they absolutely are!

Small micro weddings will be very popular as we ease our way out of lockdown, and many couples are now keen to have their wedding, blessing, handfasting, ceremony as soon as they possibly can.

Micro weddings are incredibly intimate and personal and my from experience in officiating both large weddings and a gathering of 4 plus myself last December, I can share with you that both are just as special but obviously in different ways.

The ingredient that remains the same is this: During the ceremony, the whole world seems to disappear around the couple and myself, its almost like you are put in this bubble of love, where sacred promises are made and vows are exchanged. Emotions still run high, tears of happiness happen, and the knowing, the knowing that you are with your life partner, your soul mate, your husband, wife, rock, your love, and that this day is a special day, and its your day to celebrate and bond your love and lives together as one. This most amazing ingredient remains the same, regardless of the size of your ceremony.

Couples have waited a long time to have their special day, and hopefully it wont be long now until we can all get back on track with weddings. If you would like to talk to me about a micro wedding / ceremony, please get in touch, and in the mean time, please everyone take care of each other and stay safe.

Eve x

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