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Enquiries - We are talking and listening!

With the current climate remaining challenging for venues, and everyone connected with businesses including hospitality and the wedding industry I thought it useful to create a post to address this. I know its been a heart breaking time for couples, having to reschedule, cancel, postpone their special day, the day they planned so carefully. Everything in our world seemed to come to a very sudden and abrupt halt! Venues are now just starting to show couples around, by appointment and very careful management, but from my side, as a celebrant, we are still not allowed to officiate, and this may be in place for some time, at this stage we simply dont know a time frame. We adhere to the guidelines that are set out by the government, and these do change on a regular basis. What we can do however, is talk, and start to look at your wedding / ceremony. We can book dates in for next year, and start discussing how your ceremomy will take shape, what ingredients could be involved and how amazing it will be.  Dates are starting to fill for next year already! its going to be a busy year for weddings and couples wanting to express and share their love - quite right too! If you would like to chat about potential dates, ceremonies please drop me a message and we can arrange to talk.  Im here! and Im listening X 

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