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Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome and celebrate the naming of a baby and is an alternative to a traditional christening ceremony which is held in a church.

Naming ceremonies can be held in a venue of your choice and can encompass your spiritual beliefs if you are Pagan, Wiccan etc.  Non-religious naming ceremonies can also be a choice for those who are of no specific faith but want to celebrate the occasion with a special ceremony.

Parents’, Siblings, Life Guardians, Grandparents, Friends and Family can all be part of your naming ceremony which can include poems, readings, music, and promises.  All of these ingredients help to form a solid foundation for the child and throughout their journey.

Elements such as Unity Candles, Fingerprint Tree, Time Capsule, Sand Ceremony, Handfasting between Life Guardians and child, Memory Box are popular choices as elements for a naming ceremony.  Memory Boxes can be opened on the child’s 18thor a special birthday and the day remembered along with the promises and special memoriesfrom the day.

A commemorative parchment is included in this ceremony which can be signed by parents and life guardians during the ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies can also be created for Transgender, and people who have chosen a new name.

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