Handfasting has its roots in Pagan Celtic tradition where the couple’s hands were bound together with coloured cords symbolising a joining of lives, and unity.  The different coloured cords and ribbons represent different areas of life such as good health, love and prosperity.

Today its much more symbolic and couples of many different beliefs who choose Handfasting as part of their special day to represent the bonding of their lives.  It can be incorporated into Vow Renewals, Weddings, and New Family ceremonies.

All Handfasting ceremonies are bespoke to the people involved and can include family and friends who each wrap the coloured cord around the couple’s arms. Friendship bracelets can also be part of this ceremony as a way to include children and families.

Depending on what type of Handfasting is chosen the cords can be blessed and energised, decorated with crystals and charms.  Many components can be included in this according to your beliefs.


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