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There are many elemts you can add to your ceremony!   here are just a few - bespoke ones can also be created.

Tree Planting

Soil is taken from both parents homes – if there is no parent, then from a place of special memory or person that is very special. The soil is collected in two small pots and brought to the ceremony.A young tree, sapling is also chosen by the couple, which is also brought along on the day.  During the ceremony there will be a point where the sapling will be plants and the two soils mixed into the new pot containing the tree.Symbolising a merging of energies, growing, planting roots together, fertility and a strong healthy life as one.

Unity Candle

Two outer candles are lit by the couple then the individual flames are joined together in lighting a large central candle, decorated with the names of the couple and the date of their ceremony.  This symbolises the joining of lives, families, and love.

Memory Box and Love Letters

The couple write a beautiful letter to eachother, about their hopes for the future and their feelings.  These letters along with some special memories, could be a vintage bottle of wine you both love, or a speical photograph, are put into a memory box at your ceremony.  The box is then sealed and on the anniversary of your special day, you can open your box and the letters and remember all the moments.


A beautiful chocolate is created by our Chocolatier, this can be a heart or if you are having a themed ceremony we can make a bespoke design.  Both your names can be featured on the heart along with detailed icing, hearts, flowers etc.  You can both share a bite of the same heart, and maybe give a piece of the heart to eachother symbolising your joining together of love and lives.

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